The Thanksgiving Smackdown Hit Its Lowest Ratings Numbers In Years

While it’s nowhere near the sky is falling scenario that Raw’s ratings have been going through, last Thursday’s Thanksgiving edition of WWE Smackdown brought in its lowest ratings numbers in years. Low numbers are to be expected from holiday episodes, but it’s pretty severe.

According to the numbers from PWInsider, Smackdown brought in only 1,652,000 viewers, down from the previous week’s 2,229,000. 2014’s post-Thanksgiving Smackdown on November 28 of that year brought in 3,054,000.

Here are the past three weeks:

11/12/2015 2,294,000
11/19/2015 2,229,000
11/26/2015 1,652,000

If you missed the episode, it featured an Intercontinental Championship #1 contender triple threat main-event, a Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio confrontation and an extended cameo from WWE’s Thanksgiving mascot The Gobbledy Gooker.