The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 8/14/14: Fake Cops, Real Trouble

Hey guys. I know this week is tough and everything in the world is awful, so let’s take a break and escape into a wrestling world where…umm…everything is awful.

We all made predictions for SummerSlam. Mine includes clubhouses and friendship. For more serious and accurate predictions, you should probably read the predictions of everyone else who works at With Spandex.

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This week on Impact: TNA proves it is totally your racist uncle who still gets invited over for Christmas so he doesn’t get drunk and fall asleep with a lit cigarette.

Worst: Look how cool we are. Remember that cool thing we did? SO COOL.

So to recap, we’re celebrating two dudes who used to assault and kidnap people, treat women like garbage, treat each other like garbage, reunited by ignoring factual things things that happened, stalked a woman and then nearly paralyzed her? Okie dokie.