The Best And Worst Of NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way

Pre-show notes:

– The original title for the column was 11 Reasons Why ‘The Best And Worst Of NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way’ Is The Future Of Wrestling Columns. What Culture rejected it for being “too difficult.”

– Here’s a direct link to the show on the WWE Network, for your convenience.

– Be sure you’re reading our retro recap of NXT season 3. The show wasn’t always this good.

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Please click through for the Best and Worst of NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way. It’s fatal in four ways!


Man, I got this all wrong.

If you read my predictions or listened to my roster grading on the Have A Nice Day podcast, I predicted Bayley winning the NXT Women’s Champion and Adrian Neville losing to anybody in the main. The Ascension were the only champs I picked to retain. I should’ve went all the way with it and predicted Bull and Mojo to go Broadway.