The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/9/15: When This Goes Up, Your Mouth Goes Shut

Pre-show notes:

– Yes, that’s Cobra.

– If you’re in the Texas area — it’s a big area — you should come to Inspire Pro Wrestling’s next event ‘Undeniable’ on 2/15 at the Marchesa Hall & Theater in Austin. In a related note, thank you to everyone who voted for Inspire or With Spandex (or both!) in this year’s RSPW Awards. Voting is over, so now we just have to sit and wait to find out if we’re better than Bleacher Report’s Goods And Bads Of Raw.

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Daniel Bryan Roman Reigns Raw opening

Worst: One Of Those Raw Openings Where Nothing Makes Sense And Nobody Looks Good And It Takes Them 15 Minutes To Do The First-Draft Obvious Thing