The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/16/15: Architectural Mishaps

Pre-show notes:

– I’m officially on the Road To WrestleMania this year, so if you’re gonna be around and want to say hi, let’s do it. I’ll be at the live NXT show and a bunch of Axxess and WrestleCon-related nonsense, so find me. If you’re in or around Texas, come say hi to me at the next Inspire Pro Wrestling event on March 22. It’s perfect if you’re in town for SXSW, and you might get to see me get beaten up by a member of Suzukigun. Uh, hopefully not.

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Worst: Where’s The Drama In Any Of This If Everybody’s Fine?

This is the easiest-to-book feud ever.

Okay, so Seth Rollins Curb Stomped Randy Orton out of the Authority. Orton returned at Fast Lane and started throwing unlimited specials to send Rollins fleeing into the parking lot. At that point he realized he was never going to be able to get his revenge without The Authority descending upon him en masse, so he pretended to make nice and “create separation” until he could get Rollins alone. That happened at the end of last week’s episode, which culminated in a somber, 10-minute Orton-on-Rollins beatdown.