The Best And Worst Of WWE Survivor Series 2014

Pre-show notes:

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Actual Pre-show Notes:

“Wait, Don’t Be Fooled! He’s Just A Regular Fandango With A Stupid Cheap Outfit. He Still Embodies All The Awful Stereotypes He Did Before!” “But he’s got a new outfit!”

Fandango Dancer Power Rankings:

1. Andrea Lynn aka “Ann Dango”
2. Layla
3. Summer Rae
4. literally every other person he has ever danced with
5. Rosa Mendes

Justin Gabriel Is Wearing La Parka’s Pants

For whatever reason, WWE decided to “relaunch” Fandango with a lightly Spanish-flavored version of his regular act in a short, nothing match against Justing Gabriel. If you’ve been watching Gabriel on NXT, you’ll notice the guy’s got nothing left in the tank and might as well be a wrestling sloth in a pair of motocross gloves. A sloth in motocross gloves would at least be cute.