The Best And Worst Of WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs … And Stairs

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Best: Luke Harper And Dolph Ziggler Just Mindlessly Hurting Themselves

The show’s opener and best match in a walk was the Intercontinental Championship ladder match between challenger Dolph Ziggler and cursed loser champion Luke Harper. No shade on Harper, you just have to preface every IC champ with “cursed loser champion” now. These guys figuratively and sorta-literally murdered themselves falling off of/into ladders, and every step forward in re-legitimizing Ziggler as a main-event-level fan favorite is worth praising. The guy’s got the best Fire Up in the company as long as Bryan’s injured, and watching his body shake all crazy while he uses the crowd’s reaction to sorta puppeteer himself up to his feet and climb a ladder was great.

That said, there are still a few problems.

1. There’s no story. Zero. They both want to be Intercontinental Champion, I guess, even though Harper hasn’t won a match since winning it and Ziggler saved the entire company and out-Cena’d John Cena on TEAM JOHN CENA a few weeks ago. They’re just hitting each other with shit and hurting themselves. There’s a place for that in wrestling, sure, but the announcers playing it up like it’s this legendary Savage/Steamboat thing was a little much. Schiavone-esque, you could say.