The Best Of The Iron Sheik’s UPROXX Live Discussion

The Legend is the real, bubba.

Yesterday we were honored to have legendary WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik in for a live Q&A to talk his new movie, which wrestlers smell the worst and how much he hates Andre the Giant. Spoiler alert: he hates him a lot.

You can read all of Sheiky Baby’s answers here, but here are the 10 most important things we learned:

1. The Iron Sheik Does Not Care For Andre The Giant.

2. The Iron Sheik Does Not Care For Justin Bieber.

3. The Iron Sheik Is Still Mad About Rob Ford Ducking Him.

4. He Has Varying Opinions About Wrestling’s Other Sheiks.

5. He’s Into The Newer Stuff

6. … But He Keeps An Objective Perspective.

7. He Has Thoughts On Pro Wrestling’s Hottest Feud

8. He Is A World Cup Analyst.

9. Sheik May Have Once Broken Bette Midler’s Neck, We Aren’t Sure.

10. No Matter What Happens In Life, One Fact Remains True.