The Brooklyn Brawler Let Rolling Stone Know The Word ‘Jobber’ Means Nothing To Him

For some reason, Rolling Stone recently interviewed Steve Lombardi, also known as the greatest WWE jobber of all-time, the Brooklyn Brawler. The piece is full of fun tidbits, like the fact that the Brawler was first turned onto pro wrestling by watching Spanish-language wrestling shows, and he studied biochemistry before getting into the grappling biz. His first impressions of The Rock (he was “a skinny little kid with an afro”) are also interesting.

The Brawler answered a series of rapid-fire questions, and the guy has a, let’s say, unique outlook on his career. When asked about his longevity, the dude compared himself to a senator.

“Not every senator becomes a president, ya know what I mean? My goal was to have steady work for the rest of my life.”

On never backing down from anything, even if you probably should…

“I never backed down from nothing. Bred in me, because I had two brothers who were nothing like me.”

On worrying about job security…

“You’re always worried about job security, but I knew I was diligent about what I do, so I really wasn’t too worried.”

On today’s entitled whippersnappers…

“There’s a lot of bitter guys today who will tell you things that simply aren’t true.”

And finally, the most infamous enhancement guy in WWE history had a few things to say about jobbing.

“Even in the upper level, they’re all workhorses. Even if it’s a main-event match, one guy’s enhancing the other. You can call anybody a jobber. A jobber means nothing to me.”

Maybe he has a point. Plenty of non-jobber WWE stars would kill to be as well-known and beloved as the Brooklyn Brawler. In that sense, maybe he isn’t a jobber.

Haha, nah. Sorry, Steve. You’re still a jobber. But at least you’re the best jobber.

via Rolling Stone