The Dugout: I’ll Miss You, Macho Man

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“Macho Man” Randy Savage died today. I’m sure you’ve been hearing about it from people you’d never associate with wrestling. He meant a lot to a lot of people and was one of the best in history at what he did, even if he was one of the most bizarre and complexly flawed human beings to ever gain fame.

One of the weirdest things about is passing is Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen sharing his thoughts on Twitter. It’s not weird to go on Twitter and share your thoughts, and it isn’t really surprising that Ozzie Guillen follows pro wrestling, but honestly Ozzie Guillen saying anything is weird. So, Ozzie and I are going to cope together. Today’s Dugout follows. Dig it?



The Dugout

OzzieOzzieOzzie: Macho man I was big fan of you and so were my kids we a wrestling family u were awesome
OzzieOzzieOzzie: We will miss you slim jim
OzzieOzzieOzzie: U put wrestling on the top u was good and funny and who no remenber elizabeth
OzzieOzzieOzzie: who no remenber /does google search

gorgos george

**Online Host**
Suddenly the sound of rattling chains can be heard in the darkness.
OzzieOzzieOzzie: whant, whoce there
Voice: oooOOOooOOoohhh
OzzieOzzieOzzie: OH NO A GOASE
Voice: oooOOOooOOoohhh
OzzieOzzieOzzie: Macho man!
SavageGarden: Ohhh yeah DIG IT! /does that finger waggle thing
OzzieOzzieOzzie: Sorry i thout U was the Macho man but your actually just grampy, get out of my hosue grampy
SavageGarden: are you serious? No, I’m actually the Macho Man, I came back from the dead for a minute to thank you for wishing I wasn’t dead
OzzieOzzieOzzie: rly? ok…. @grampy U look like sanna close
SavageGarden: do you really not recognize me
SavageGarden: here, how about now? OHH YEAH
OzzieOzzieOzzie: ehhhhh u say “oh yeah” like Macho man
SavageGarden: how about this? You have to remember this one. Everybody remembers this one.
SavageGarden: Snap into a Slim Jim! The MACH O MAN RANDY SAVAGE YEAH, I’m gonna beat up my girlfriend, etc.
SavageGarden: nothing? seriously
OzzieOzzieOzzie: i mosely remember U in pillow form
SavageGarden: sigh
OzzieOzzieOzzie: Macho man!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry U died, are u in heaven
SavageGarden: no, I’m in your basement, you boxed me up in like 1993
SavageGarden: Oh, you mean actual me. Oh, haha, well, sort of
OzzieOzzieOzzie: who no remenber miss elizabeth is she in Heaven
SavageGarden: She’s right here, do you want to speak with her? DIG IT et al.
OzzieOzzieOzzie: hi Miss elizabeth my name is @ozzieguillen i was just asking Twitter about which ones of them would remenber and no remenber U
MyAfterlifeAsLiz: …. /smiles demurely
OzzieOzzieOzzie: hi
OzzieOzzieOzzie: hELLO
MyAfterlifeAsLiz: ….
**Online Host**
MyAfterlifeAsLiz has been locked out of the chatroom.
SavageGarden: heh the Macho Man Randy Savage is sorry about that, purgatory, yeah, dig it
OzzieOzzieOzzie: what my suppose to dig
OzzieOzzieOzzie: who are U why my talkingk to a pillow
OzzieOzzieOzzie: o no am i on drugs
SavageGarden: probably, but LISTEN UP yeah because the MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE has something to say! /adjusts sunglasses
OzzieOzzieOzzie: o k
SavageGarden: You gotta use your life to… uh, Macho Man means, you gotta SNAP INTO… uh…
SavageGarden: I was a pro wrestler and now I’m dead. I don’t know how I got here, and I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.
OzzieOzzieOzzie: maybe Macho man but U were really good
SavageGarden: you think?
OzzieOzzieOzzie: yeah many of the real fights you had were Enjoyed by my and my wrestling family
OzzieOzzieOzzie: is the only thing I have in common with my children beside last names and irrational stupid anger
SavageGarden: yeah I had some of that, too
OzzieOzzieOzzie: life is like life of Macho man
OzzieOzzieOzzie: remenber when U an riggy steamboast had match at Wrestlemania 3, best match ever of all times
OzzieOzzieOzzie: who could no remenber that, U were best at your job for like 30 yrs
OzzieOzzieOzzie: but also do you have remenbered jumping off a steel cage for double X-handle in WCW and fell an hurt yourself like a dumb f**king f*g moron
SavageGarden: yeah
OzzieOzzieOzzie: life
OzzieOzzieOzzie: but now your dead an i miss U a lot
OzzieOzzieOzzie: bye
SavageGarden: Bye, I guess.
SavageGarden: /wanders back into the darkness
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