The Former Alberto Del Rio Says He Turned Down An Offer To Fight For UFC

05.22.15 3 years ago 6 Comments

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CM Punk has certainly made his share of waves by making the jump from WWE to UFC, but he apparently wasn’t the only disgruntled former WWE Champion that UFC went after. The former Alberto Del Rio (now Alberto El Patron) was recently on The MMA Report podcast, and he confirmed that UFC offered him a deal to fight for them…

“Yeah, I said everybody. Everybody has approached me in different ways. But again, the offers were just… we were so apart. [UFC] and I were so apart in the money that I was pretending to make, and they were pretending to pay me that it was not going to be possible. But yes, everybody tried to find me.”

Well, that’s probably for the best. I’m not sure taking 10 seconds to yell and taunt before you put on an arm bar would work particularly well in UFC. While we’re on the subject of Alberto being paid to fight people for realsies, what about those rumors that a Goldberg/Alberto kickboxing match was in the works at one point? Alberto leg-kicked that one down…

“I keep hearing this from a lot of people, but I’ve never heard anything from GLORY. They contacted me, they approached me, but we never talked about money or names or anything like that. Maybe they approached him and offered him some money and the possibility of fighting me, but that’s something only Bill Goldberg knows. I never got back from anybody from GLORY. If he needs to fight, good for him. If they give me the right amount of money that I want, then maybe, we’ll see. But I don’t think that’s gonna be the case.”

That’s all the Alberto El Patron legitimate fighting news we have for now. We’ll update you when and if we get information on whether he’ll be entering The Kumite, starts training in Gymkata or gets sent to the island from the Mortal Kombat movie.

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