The Former Kelly Kelly Is Co-Starring In The New Soul-Destroying E! Reality Show ‘WAGS’

Hey, do you feel like E! doesn’t have enough shows featuring current/former WWE Divas? Have you been up nights wondering whatever happened to former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly? Your answer to both those questions is probably a resounding “no,” but stick with me here.

E! has a new show called WAGS coming this summer. For those who aren’t cool sports slang-knowing dudes like I am, WAGS stands for Wives And Girlfriends of, uh, Sports Guys? Yeah, that sounds right. Anyways, Barbie Blank (yes, Kelly Kelly’s real name is Barbie Blank) will be one of the titular WAGS by virtue of her being engaged to retired NHLer Sheldon Souray.

You can check out a preview of WAGS above. It’s got everything you’d expect from an E! promo. People sitting around a table yelling! Ladies fighting in a bar! A pregnancy test! The husbands/boyfriends of the show’s stars looking bored and uncomfortable! Bikinis every three seconds, in case your attention is waning! Some girl’s butt in case the bikinis weren’t enough!

Does the fact that I wrote this story mean I’m locked into recapping WAGS? God, I hope not. Then again, the show will have butts. Hmmmm. WAGS premiers August 18.

via Wrestling Inc.