‘The Good Place’ Paid Tribute To A Classic Stone Cold Steve Austin Moment

The penultimate episode of The Good Place took a moment while being one of the best shows on television to pay tribute to a show that is … also technically on television, WWE Raw. Technically, WWF RAW Is WAR, modern Raw’s 20-year old, late ’90s equivalent. Specifically, that time Stone Cold Steve Austin smashed Vince McMahon in the head with a bedpan.

The episode, ‘Patty,’ begins with the show’s protagonists finally reaching the titular Good Place and entering into a party, “perfectly tailored to [their] essences.” Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop — who consistently references Stone Cold as her crush, including the famous line, “I’ve only ever been in love with 2 people in my life. Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a guy in a dark bar, who I mistook for Stone Cold Steve Austin” — knows her essence is being represented thanks to this:


Yes, something Vince McMahon shat in made it to Heaven.

“This has to be my party, because that’s the bedpan that Stone Cold Steve Austin used to beat up Vince McMahon in 1998. It was a classic moment, don’t judge me.”

That’s October 5, 1998, to be exact, and Eleanor is correct. It was a classic moment, and one that wasn’t originally supposed to happen. As remembered by Bruce Prichard on his podcast, Something To Wrestle With:

“A shoot bedpan. It was wonderful, and it raised this huge knot on Vince’s head, which was probably the funniest part of it … When Steve grabbed the bedpan, Steve just grabbed shit that was near him and hit Vince with the bedpan and about killed him.”

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While we’re at it, let’s hope the final episode of The Good Place features someone driving a zamboni into Heaven and jumping over a line of security to fight somebody.