The Green Power Ranger Has Challenged WWE's CM Punk To An MMA Fight

So, this is a thing that happened.

As you may know, Jason David Frank, best known for his role as the Green Ranger (and White Ranger, and … uh, Red Ranger) on the legendary “ninjas fight monsters” 1990s kids show Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, is now a mixed-martial artist. He’s also a pretty spectacular self-publicist, like that time he created a line of Jesus-themed MMA clothes or the time he broke the world record for most boards broken during a skydive. Now he’s talking to The Roman Show on BlogTalkRadio about how he wants to fight former WWE Champion CM Punk. Also, he’d like to fight Jean Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux.

I swear to God I’m not making this up.

Jason David Frank, who played the Green Ranger in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, spoke with The Roman Show and said he’d like to face CM Punk in an MMA fight. Frank said that barring that he would like to do a kickboxing match or even pro wrestling match against Punk, who is a practicioner of jiu jitsu. Frank has competed in MMA before.

“CM Punk is legit, many people think he isn’t but he is,” Frank said on the show. He also noted he would like to face Jean Claude Van Damme, saying he would “bring out the Green Ranger versus Bloodsport.” (transcription h/t 411)

A Power Ranger challenged a pro wrestler to a fight and name-dropped Bloodsport. THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS.

Here’s the duo in happier times:

Of course, CM Punk is no stranger to fighting celebrities. He did a little training with Al Bundy, if you’ll recall. Maybe the fight will happen and we’ll get to cross it over with WWE? I don’t know, I just want to see Punk being attacked by Brock Lesnar, only to be saved by the Dragonzord.

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