The Kids Who Pulled Off A Stone Cold Stunner During Graduation Are Having Their Diplomas Taken Away

If you were a wrestling fan on the Internet on Wednesday, you saw the clip of two south Florida high schoolers pulling off a busting out the WWE Championship and a Stone Cold Stunner during their graduation ceremony. It turns out the students were Nicholas Dean and Joseph Castro, now cult heroes for opening a can of whoop ass and popping the University of Miami’s Bank United Center.

It also turns out that Miami Southwest High School has decided to take away the boys’ diplomas for the stunt.

Via Local 10:

“They told us we should be embarrassed and ashamed,” said Dean.

“The administration was ‘very disappointed’ that we had done that,” Castro said.

“It doesn’t look good on them, and I’m sorry about that, but there’s nothing I can do about it now,” Dean said.

Besides the title belt, the students left graduation empty-handed as the school declined to award them their diplomas. The school district said Dean and Castro’s diplomas are being withheld until a meeting with their parents next week. But despite the consequences, it seems the notoriety is making up for it.

Don’t worry about the boys, though. They’re taking it fine.

“Oh, it was worth it,” Dean said.

“Totally worth it,” said Castro.

Worst case scenario, they got their graduation ceremony called by Jim Ross.