The Memphis Grizzlies Had A Wrestling Night And It Was As Wonderfully Weird As You’d Imagine

Because I’ve apparently taken over the “old wrestler appears at random sporting event” beat, The Memphis Grizzlies held a “Wrestling Night” with Ric Flair and Jerry Lawler to promote the new WWE pay-per-view Fast Lane. It didn’t involve racecars, but is was as simultaneously weird and endearing as two old men trying to make a non-pro wrestling event all about wrestling.

The Grizzlies gave out these bedazzled, insanely tacky toy championship belts to the first 3,000 fans at the FedExForum during Saturday night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Obviously I want like three of them. The “authentic” WWE Championship was on hand, and listen, I know we’re all very happy it’s on Brock “Not Cena” Lesnar, but I’m pretty sure I could dig this creative direction should WWE choose to take it:

Personally, I would be much more comfortable with Seth Rollins cashing in on a bear mascot wearing a bathrobe than Lesnar anyways.

Ric Flair did what was actually a really endearing pre-game interview which sadly won’t embed, but that you can watch here. It’s worth watching because a) the young fellow to Flair’s right is really excited to ask him a bunch of questions he clearly did actual research on because he seems kind of confused as to who Flair is in the first place, b) Ric Flair patiently explains the origins of his signature WOOOO!, talks about Dusty Rhodes and his first match in Memphis, and then remembers he’s supposed to be promoting Fast Lane by shouting TRIPLE H! FAST LANE! like the Legends chip embedded in his brain just shocked him into it, and c) the people to the far right in the background are amazing. One fellow very clearly knows who Flair is and loses his mind the entire time, while a drunk lady walks up and either also imitates Flair or has a stroke and wanders off. Not sure.

And then recent’y-released-from-the-hospital Lawler wrestled a match at halftime against a local wrestler named Maverick on a balcony overlooking the court because like I said, it was a little…weird:

Way to take it easy there, King.