WWE’s The Miz Is Confident That The Cavaliers Will Bring A Championship To Cleveland

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As we all know, the city of Cleveland counts its main exports as WWE Superstar The Miz, Cleveland Cavaliers hot takes, and inevitable crippling depression. In a masterful combination of all three, The Miz gave his predictions for the NBA playoffs to ESPN on Tuesday night.

Back in October, ahead of their season opener against the Chicago Bulls, The Miz insisted that “this is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ year.” He was optimistic about coming into the season with a healthy roster, the previous offseason’s acquisitions of LeBron James and Kevin Love, and the teams re-signing of Canadian center Tristan Thompson.

Now, fast forward to the last day of the regular season, as we’re about to head into the NBA playoffs. The Cavs are sitting atop the Eastern conference with a number one seed locked in, Thompson has been named the starting center going forward, and LeBron James is, y’know, Lebroooon Jaaaaaaames. Is The Miz still just as optimistic about the Cavs chances despite the seasons teams like the Warriors and the Spurs have turned in?

Of course he is.

As The Miz told ESPN anchor Jonathan Coachman:

I just hope they come together. What I’m hearing so far is that Kyrie [Irving], Love, and LeBron just aren’t mixing well together. And you’re looking over at the Spurs, you’re looking over at Golden State, these guys are rockstars right now. But the fact still remains that this is not the playoffs. The playoffs are where teams make or break and that’s where the Cavaliers will dominate. They are healthy this year, they are ready to go, and I cannot wait for them to go to the NBA finals, and hoist that trophy up, and bring a championship to Cleveland because – let’s face it, I’ve brought like 13 championships to Cleveland. Some other team – some other person – needs to bring a championship there.

The Miz will need that kind of ferocious optimism when he defend his Intercontinental Championship against the superhuman strength and Steph Curry-levels of likability of Cesaro at WWE Payback on May 1st.

(Via ESPN)