The Miz Called His Feud With Daniel Bryan A ‘Slap In The Face’

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The Miz isn’t happy with Daniel Bryan’s return to WWE, and he made that very clear in an appearance on E! Network. Miz appeared with his wife, Maryse, on E! News in promotion of their show Miz and Mrs. and went off on Bryan for everything from his movement to WWE SmackDown to the support Bryan gets from fans over wrestlers like himself.

Miz said that Bryan is “very good at being endearing” and being an “underdog” but says that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s an “elite” wrestler like himself, especially after taking off some considerable time until his return earlier this year.

“Daniel Brian is very good at being endearing. Like, you wanna root for this guy every single time. You want to cheer for him. He’s that underdog and he’s very passionate about his work in WWE. Those are the good things I can say about Daniel. Daniel was one of the best WWE in-ring performers four years ago. He was incredible. He was on a roll that kind of what I’m on right now. I’m an elite-level talent.”

The Miz seems very unhappy with how his pairing with Bryan came to pass, especially since it meant he was bumped off WWE Raw. He talked in detail about the move, calling it a “slap in the face.”

“For Daniel Bryan to come back to WWE and, I don’t know, I guess kinda call me out I guess you can say. It’s one of those situations where I was on Monday Night Raw, and every time — no one realizes this — but every time you go from Raw to SmackDown or SmackDown to Raw, it shakes up your career. It shakes up your life. And so for Daniel Bryan to say ‘I would like Miz to come to SmackDown Live and ask Paige that, who’s our general manager, and then send me to SmackDown Live and then basically ignore me for the next three months, I think is a slap in the face to be completely honest with you.”

Miz did make it clear that his frustrations are business, not personal.

“So there’s the reality star Daniel Bryan, there’s the person and then there’s the WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, which I honestly believe I’m the good guy here but nobody seems to believe that.”

Maryse suggested that Bryan wouldn’t be getting any attention anymore if not for The Miz, who agreed with his wife. Miz recalled Bryan’s start in NXT and the outcry from some fans who thought Miz shouldn’t be teaching a seasoned pro like Bryan, though he was not yet wrestling in WWE.

“We had a show called NXT and Daniel Bryan was my rookie and I was his pro. And the object was to teach the rookies what it’s like to be a WWE superstar. And as soon as that hit the internet, the internet just went absurd. “How dare WWE put Bryan as Miz’s rookie. Daniel Bryan should be the pro. And Daniel Bryan had never stepped foot in a WWE ring. Sure, he was a big fish in a small pond. But this is WWE, where the sharks swim. And I’d been in WWE for four or five years.”

The Miz is a master when it comes to cutting promos and it doesn’t matter if it’s on WWE TV or E! Network, he’s proven he can deliver the goods anytime and anywhere when it comes to adding fuel to the fire of a feud.

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