The Miz Offered The Best Explanation For Why The Georgia Dome Was Imploded

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta was imploded on Monday, as the 25-year-old stadium had been vacated earlier this year for the shiny, new Mercedes-Benz Stadium that was built next door. The spot occupied by the Georgia Dome will, eventually, become a new park and hotel.

With the Falcons deciding to move to fancier digs (and Atlanta using said new stadium to lure in events like the Super Bowl, Final Four, and College Football Playoff title game), the Georgia Dome, and all the memories it housed, were no longer needed. The Georgia Dome was the only stadium in the country to host a Super Bowl, Final Four, and Olympic Games, along with thousands of other concerts and sporting events.

Among the many events hosted by the Georgia Dome was WrestleMania 27. The main event of that WrestleMania was the Miz vs. John Cena for Miz’s WWE Championship, which ended with the Miz retaining via some help from The Rock. As one of WWE’s best at using social media, Miz took advantage of the Georgia Dome’s implosion to take a jab at Cena one more time over his WrestleMania victory in Atlanta.

I think most everyone outside of the Miz that was in the Georgia Dome for WrestleMania 27 (like me) is perfectly fine letting the memories of that night go. There were few high notes on that card and the finish was, well, not great.

The Miz, however, IS great and it’s a bummer that he’s likely going to be gone from our television screens for a bit. Raw will suffer for it, but hopefully his latest film shoot won’t keep him away for us for too long and he can come back to being one of the three best things about WWE right now. Until then, we’ll settle for some fire Miz tweets and updates on The Marine 29 or whatever they’re on now.