WWE Has Reportedly Locked Up The Miz With A New Contract


If you happen to be one of the few remaining pro wrestling fans in the world who still disparages the Miz, you must not have gotten the memo. The Miz rules, and has ruled for many years at this point. Between his in-ring work, his lights-out promos, and all the extra work he puts in, he’s basically everything WWE could ever hope for from someone who isn’t Roman Reigns.

And if you know anything at all about the Miz, you know that Mike Mizanin wants nothing more than this nonstop WWE life. He wants the starring roles in WWE Studios movies; he wants the reality show spinoffs; he wants it all.

So it’s great news for him, and for us, that he appears to have been locked up by WWE for the foreseeable future.

According to PWInsider, WWE has signed Miz to a new four-year contract, which will keep him in the fold full-time until at least 2022.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, PWI notes that WWE wanted to sign Miz to an even longer deal, and they had to meet in the middle. If you had asked me prior to this report, I would have just assumed Miz would sign a 20-year contract if WWE asked him. Because this is all Miz has ever wanted to do, and now he’s doing it.

Of course, there’s no bargaining power in signing a 20-year deal, and I get that. Maybe we’ll one day live in a world where the Miz isn’t in WWE full time, but I really don’t want to think about something so bleak right now. In four years, maybe we’ll be speculating about whether the indies could even handle a supernova like the Miz — who we assume by that point will be a four-time WWE Champion.

Well … we can dream, at least.

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