The Miz Threatens To Quit WWE If He Doesn’t Hit A Very Specific Goal Next Year

Despite there not actually being any discernible qualifications for becoming one, the Miz certainly has put up a career that should guarantee him a WWE Hall Of Fame induction one day. He’s held the Intercontinental Championship eight times, he’s one of only 14 grand slam champions in WWE history, he successfully cashed in the Money In The Bank briefcase to win the WWE Championship and he even main-evented WrestleMania 27 in 2011.

It’s that last part that the Miz has built so much of his “A-Lister” character on in recent years, and it’s likely also the part that motivated the Miz to take to social media last night with an outrageous assertion:

Wrestlemania is going Hollywood next year. If I don’t Main Event…I quit.

Okay, so yeah, WrestleMania is technically going to Hollywood next year (Inglewood, more accurately). That will be 10 years since the last time the Miz main-evented the Show Of Shows. There’s 13 months until Mania 37; does that give the current star of Miz & Mrs. enough time time to build up enough juice to land at the top of the card?

Let’s see what some of his co-workers think, pulled from the comments from his Instagram post: Fellow Clevelander (and longtime foil) Dolph Ziggler chimed in with a “Yes!!!! Finally!!! (The quitting),” whereas Zack Ryder simply commented, “It’s about time.” Maybe he’s still salty about his one-day Intercontinental Championship reign coming to an end at the hands of Miz and Maryse…