We May Not Be Seeing The Miz On WWE Television For A While

Contributing Writer
11.21.17 17 Comments

Over the past few years, The Miz has been the secret (and at times not-so-secret) MVP of WWE. Whether it’s burning Daniel Bryan alive with one of the best promos in recent history, or creating some of the best pure comedy in years, or just having terrific matches, Miz can do it all. Just ask him.

He’s had a rough couple of weeks though, and it’s not just because he was asked to judge some truly embarrassing wrestling gimmicks on MTV. On Sunday night, he lost to Baron Corbin at Survivor Series in a Champion vs. Champion match, and then on Monday, he came up on the losing end again, this time dropping his Intercontinental Championship to Roman Reigns and allowing the Big Dog to complete his Grand Slam.

If that weren’t enough, poor Mike Mizanin got triple-powerbombed through a table after Raw went off the air. After it went off the air!

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