The Official WWE Wrestlemania 28 Weekend Predictions/Open Discussion Thread

We’ve talked about it all year, and it’s finally upon us … Wrestlemania XVIII happens in Miami, Florida, this weekend, and by the time you read this I’ll be on the scene to bring you up-to-the-minute live notes, reports, interviews and perspectives and/or taking mark photos with the Funkasaurus.

It’s Wrestlemania and you want to talk about it, so I’ll skip the hype. After the jump you can find the complete card and a series of polls asking you to select who you think will come out in top in the event’s big matches, so after you’ve made your choices, drop down into the comments section and earn a +Rhodes or two explaining your picks.

You may also earn literal +Rhodes for participating in the weekend’s discussion. More on that at the end.

For longtime readers who wear the POOPIES >=( badge proudly, Wrestlemania night will be your next chance to earn a Best And Worst of WWE Raw in-joke posting badge. For those of you who missed out on having Kevin Nash’s serious angryface forever plastered on your user profile, here’s a chance to wear a decidedly more Dashing man in his place.

In the spirit of +1 turning into +Rhodes, I introduce you to the +Rhodes badge. We’ll give you more info on how to earn the thing (hint: get everyone you know to post in this thread, post a lot of comments, share a lot of social networks, come to Wrestlemania and give presents to me) as the weekend goes on. Be sure to be here on Saturday night for Brandon live at WWE Axxess (featuring special celebrity guests!) and again on Sunday for the big show. Wrestlemania, not the Big Show.

Brief Programming Note: Due to the unforeseen wackiness of my schedule down here, the Best and Worst of Wrestlemania X-7 is getting pushed back a week.