The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 30: The Hilos Have Eyes

Pre-show notes:

– In case you always skip the pre-show notes and still haven’t picked up on this, there are now legal ways to watch Lucha Underground online. You can check out the UniMas website for episodes streaming in Spanish or find El Rey Network on Sling TV for the English-language version. Watch this show!

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And now, the Over/Under on Lucha Underground Episode 30 from June 3, 2015.

Over/Under: Evil Chavo Guerrero, Already

OK, so I should probably take this as one big thing.

Instead of the normal Lucha Underground tendency to devote one backstage segment per week to a storyline, we get a show-long narrative about Black Lotus returning to The Temple and being swerved by basically every person working there. The show opening is Chavo having a clandestine, sunset conversation with Dario Cueto about his meeting with El Dragon Azteca, and leveraging Dragon’s promises against what Cueto can offer. Cueto agrees to give him “round-the-clock protection from Mexico” in exchange for Lotus being served up to him on a silver platter, and Chavo agrees because he’s the Worst Guerrero Ever.