The Punjabi Nightmare Continues: Great Khali May Be Staggering Back To A WWE Ring

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Late last year, it seemed like The Great Khali may finally, mercifully, be dancing off our TV screens. Khali’s contract with WWE expired, and word was that he’s opening a wrestling school in India. That wasn’t exactly great news for the future of Indian professional wrestling, but at least it got Khali out of our hair.

Well, according to an interview with an Indian website, Khali may be on his way back to WWE. Here’s what Khali said when asked about his absence from WWE…

“It’s not that I had no offers from the WWE. I had voluntarily taken this break as I needed some time to establish the institute in Jalandhar. Now that the things are on track I decided to get back to the ring.”

Khali also elaborated on his wrestling institute…

“I have tried to provide best facilities there so that we can prepare world class wrestlers who can represent our country in the WWE world. […] We have trainees from all across the country. Also there are four girls apart from 30 boys who are being trained there. I wanted that girls get equal opportunity and so we have provided space for girls as well.”

There were some translation issues and oddities with the article (the interviewer thought Khali had been gone from WWE for longer than he has been), but the general idea is Khali somehow getting involved with WWE again. Best case scenario, his main role will be as a scout for new Indian talent, and the brain chops and dancing with Hornswoggle will be kept to a minimum. Sigh, they won’t, will they?

Update: A bit of a he said, Khali said situation has arisen. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE says Khali isn’t returning, although they haven’t made a direct statement on the matter. Khali certainly seems to think otherwise, so we’ll see how the story develops.

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