The Reigns/Lesnar Hype Battle Spilled Over To SportsNation

Just a heads-up, this is probably going to be a very Lesnar-centric day here at With Spandex.

Yesterday, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion broke the news on ESPN that he would not be pursuing mixed martial arts any further and will instead renew his current pro wrestling contract. You probably know that by now, but maybe you didn’t stick around for Roman Reigns’ appearance on SportsNation. He’s dropped by the program before to hype SummerSlam, but this time, he showed up to talk about his WrestleMania main-event clash with Lesnar, and an unexpected guest showed up in the form of Paul By-God Heyman.

[protected-iframe id=”ccf8b42c8f3e2ac1ed2865f71b7957e9-60970621-19917426″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

I swear, put a microphone in Heyman’s hand, and he’ll give you gold anywhere on the planet. Send him to a real estate office, and he’ll give you “Coffee Is For Closers” times a hundred.

Having Raw in Los Angeles on Monday really helped make this happen, but regardless of that, I’m really liking this increased synergy between WWE and ESPN. There was the Von Erich 30 For 30 segment recently, now the three key figures of WrestleMania’s main-event are all showing up on the same day, and we’ll soon have that NXT “Behind The Curtain” documentary. Who could have guessed that Jonathan Coachman would end up being such a bridge between worlds? Also worth noting here is the eternally wonderful Michelle Beadle, of course. Look at her mouthing along to Heyman’s “reigning, defending, undisputed” shtick. She doesn’t know who to be marking out for, and it’s adorable. I don’t see why anyone dislikes her, but once you consider that she and I went to the same high school, I’m pretty biased. Go Greyhounds!