The Rock Congratulated Batista On His Role As ‘Mr. Hinx’ In The Next James Bond Movie

12.05.14 4 years ago 21 Comments


Yesterday the title and cast for the next James Bond movie, Spectre, was announced, and somewhat lost amongst all the excitement was the fact that Dave Bautista (or just plain ol’ Batista to us wrestling nerds) has once again landed a role in a major blockbuster that just requires him to look scary and not do much acting. Batista will be playing the movie’s heavy Mr. Hinx, and the official 007 Twitter dropped a picture of the character…


Eon Productions/MGM

Wait, Mr. Hinx? Does that mean he’s the he-version of Halle Berry’s Jinx from Die Another Day?


Eon Productions/MGM

So, does the white leather belt go under Batista’s cardigan, or…

It’s pretty clear at this point Batista’s Hollywood success isn’t going to just be a one-off fluke, so now The Rock, who kind of turned a blind eye to Batista up until now, is his now his best buddy. Rocky made sure to congratulate Batista on his new role on Twitter


@TheRock on Twitter

Gotta say, I’m happy for Batista. He’s found his niche and is killing it. That said, that shot of Mr. Hinx isn’t nearly as over-the-top and gaudy as it should be for a Bond film. The movie’s costume designers should let Batista dress himself.



Now that’s a f*cking supervillian. 

via Wrestling Inc. here & here

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