The Rock’s ‘Fast 8’ Rant About His ‘Candy Ass’ Costars Is Nothing More Than A Classic Wrestling Promo

On Monday, The Rock heated up the internet with an Instagram rant that had fans the world over diving for their popcorn or Kermit-drinking-tea memes or whatever it is you do when there’s a beef or some choice gossip brewing. In case you missed it, the former WWE Champion posted a tiny clip from Fast 8 to his Instagram account, accompanied by a caption rant that referred to some of his “male costars” as “candy asses.”

Anyone who is the slightest bit familiar with The Rock’s WWE career will know that “candy ass” is one of his favorite insults, right up there with “roody-poo,” “jabronie,” and “Billy Gunn.” But it seems like a lot of people who are fans of The Rock and not necessarily fans of wrestling are taking this at face value, trying to puzzle out who exactly The Rock is talking about (although most people seem to agree it’s probably Tyrese).

But it’s much more likely that The Rock — noted for being a master at promotion and marketing and also notable for spending his entire life in the world of professional wrestling — is just coming up with yet another way to sell, market and promote a movie that is already going to make like two billion dollars. It’s pretty brilliant, honestly. No one ever accused Dwayne Johnson of not having a hustle.

Let’s just run the math on this one. Which is more likely?

— The Rock, now working on his fourth movie with (largely) the same cast of characters, suddenly takes some of them to the woodshed because he’s in a legitimate blood feud with them and hates their guts.


— The Rock, professional wrestler, is being a professional wrestler.

This one’s a head-scratcher, all right! Let’s all just move past this and focus on the good news: Fast 8 is coming out soon and The Rock is going to throw a bunch of dudes around like he’s using the dubstep gun in Saint’s Row. Can we preorder tickets yet?