The Rock Took The Time To Hug A Heroic Kid While On The Set Of ‘Skyscraper’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the rare celebrities that truly understand the power they have over people. He usually weilds it responsibly, especially when it comes to children.

His latest good Rock deed came on the set of his latest movie, Skyscraper. Does he fight a skyscraper, tearing it down piece by piece as he solves some kind of international espionage? Does he build a skyscraper using only grit and muscle created by eating an ocean’s worth of cod? It’s unclear at this point, but it likely will own regardless.

In any event, this is a story in three parts, all told through the magic of Instagram. We begin with a haggard man, his arms outstretched. You might not recognize him unless you knew the location of the photo. Somehow, the bloody guy is The Rock. And he wants a hug.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I finally met this real life 10yr old hero, Jacob O’Connor. He rescued his 2yr old brother after finding him facedown in their pool,” The Rock wrote on Instagram. “I said, not only do I shake hands, but when I meet heroic kids, I give hugs.. now get in here. Despite the fact I looked like 9 ways of hell, battered and bloodied from my scenes, Jacob reluctantly, gave me a hug.”

Next, The Rock posts a photo of him hugging Jacob O’Connor’s mother, Christa. He relays a touching story from their meeting in the post’s caption.

“She told me that at first she wondered “Wait, I am just calling Jacob a hero because I’m a proud mom and he’s my son? Then I said, no wait.. he IS a real hero for saving his brother’s life”. Amen.
Yup, he sure is.

Thank you so much Christa for flying out to Vancouver to allow us to meet you and your boys, Jacob and Gavin. We had a blast and grateful to have you on our set.”

The Rock posted another picture of them in front of a large table of snacks, which apparently were all for the O’Connor family.

The whole thing was so adorable that I’m not even going to address the Tim Couch jersey in these photos, which is enough to elicit a few dozen questions that perhaps The Rock can’t answer. Either way, it’s good that he continues to give back.