The Rock Is Repping Lucha Underground During His Workout

The Rock may never step foot in the Lucha Underground Temple — it’s hard enough to get him to a WrestleMania — but we’ll take every chance we get to see the world’s biggest international movie star rep the best wrestling show on TV.

Back in January, King Ricochet tweeted at The Rock that he should tune in to LU’s season 2 premiere. The Rock responded, complimenting the show and saying he’d check it out:

Gonna watch. Show looks cool & gritty. Robert Rodriguez is a good bud and his content is dope. #LuchaUnderground

And now here’s the followup, with The Rock wearing a Lucha Underground mask tee at the gym. That feels like the highest compliment you can get from him. We don’t know if Rock actually tuned in for the vampire murders, skull thrones and snapped arms from season 2 episode 1 or if he just got a box of promotional stuff in the mail, but we’re gonna choose to believe Rocky’s a diehard Pentagon mark like the rest of us. Maybe he’ll hit Triple H with an Arrow from the Depths of Hell at WrestleMania.