The Rock Recently Credited One Of His Classic Catchphrases To The Iron Sheik

Hey, ever notice that, between the humbling threats, The Iron Sheik uses the term “jabroni” a lot? I always assumed he did it because The Rock does it, and Sheiky Baby wishes he was still a superstar like The Rock, but no, Rock only made the word famous. In a clip from upcoming documentary The Sheik (which we can’t post, but you can check out here) The Rock credits the pointy-booted one for giving him the word jabroni…

“I was very lucky to have coined the word ‘jabroni’ publicly, on TV, utilize it as part of my Rock speak and have it become part of pop-culture. When a lot of people think, ‘oh, jabroni, oh, yeah, yeah, it’s The Rock’s word.’ No, no, no, no. It’s not my word. It’s the Iron Sheik’s word.”

The Rock gives The Sheik credit for a lot more than a funny sounding work though…

“His impact on my career has really been profound. The wrestling business has always been a cutthroat business. There weren’t always a lot of guys at that time who took the time to bring me under their wings and share their insight and wisdom with me. I was humbled [ahem – ed] that he took such great time and care to mentor me. He was a hardass, but I appreciate that, and at that time, as a rookie, I needed that.”

Here’s a trailer for The Sheik, which actually looks refreshingly dignified and well-done for a late-career Iron Sheik project…

The Sheik hits various VOD platforms December 2nd, Bubba.

via The Post Game

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