The Rock Thinks A Certain New NXT Superstar Will Be A Future WWE Champion


We didn’t see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Raw 25 or WrestleMania this year (outside of a movie clip), but that doesn’t mean the People’s Champ is totally checked out from the wrestling world. He recently took to Twitter to issue some high praise to recent NXT signee Ricochet:

Ricochet has been performing the People’s Moonsault, a move that pays tribute to his hero while showing off his own more acrobatic athleticism, for years now, but many wrestling fans no doubt got to see it for the first time at a recent NXT show.

This also isn’t the first time Ricochet and the Rock have expressed their mutual admiration on social media. In August 2016, Ricochet posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that began, “Anyone who knows me knows how much #therock has influenced me. He’s literally the reason I wanted to become a wrestler … ” The Rock shared the post, adding, “I’m honored to be your inspiration as you go down that long hard road for success,” and offered some advice and feedback to the then-indie star.

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Came across this amazing post from a man who's out there grindin' and chasing that greatness. Thank you so much @kingricochet for your kind words. I'm a lucky dude to have had the success I did in the world of pro-wrestling. A world that I grew up in and will forever be in my blood. I'm honored to be your inspiration as you go down that long hard road for success. Remember these important things: Always stay above the garbage of backstage politics and always give the audience what they want. Whether you're a heel or baby face – going over or doing a job. Doesn't matter.. always give them what they want. And most important.. HAVE FUN! Wish you all the success in the world brother and hope you become a big star in our business. I've seen a few of your matches – you're an incredibly gifted/athletic worker. Keep workin' hard and chasing your greatness. And I thought I was cool doing a little candy ass forward roll into an arm bar. 😂 👊🏾 #Repost @kingricochet ・・・ Anyone that knows me knows how much #therock has influenced me. He's literally the reason I wanted to become a wrestler. He had it all, the look, the mic skills, the charisma, the in ring work. He was a 10x world champion but he wasn't afraid to lose. He knew how to work a crowd, he could make them hate him then love him then by the end hate him again. And still to this day he continues to inspire me to be better in every way. There will never be another like him. There's a reason why he was called "The Great One."

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Earlier that year, the Rock replied to one of Ricochet’s tweets to promote his “good bud” Robert Rodriguez’s Lucha Underground. (For those wondering why Ricochet would be promoting the show as well, he happens to have the exact same tattoos as masked LU wrestler Prince Puma, so it makes sense that they would be aware of each other.) The Rock has also repped a Lucha Underground shirt at the gym at least once, and Ricochet has worn UnderArmour Project Rock gear at the gym several times.

We have yet to see The Great One and The One And Only together on social media or WWE programming. However, the Rock’s non-wrestling (at least, for now) relatives took a selfie with Ricochet after NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.