WWE Producers Wanted Everyone To Ignore Those Legends Cosplayers, But The Rock Totally Ruined It

WWE tried real hard to make people stop paying attention to those ringside cosplayers, but Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson went and ruined everything.

The Rock returned on the most recent episode of Raw, presumably in response to the Anoa’i Family Bat Signal WWE likes to keep around in case Rocky’s cousins aren’t quite getting the reaction they want. He helped Big Show move into the Smackdown Hotel on the corner of Doubt Your Role Boulevard and Existential Crises Avenue, and ran into Rick Ross backstage, traded words with various WWE Superstars, and then went off-script like only he can. Literally, he’s the only one who could ever get away with it.

The Rock paused his in-ring promo to go ringside to talk to a handful of cosplayers who had been getting attention from the crowd all night. While everyone flipped out, WWE surely was none too pleased, especially after they had already removed them from their seats. Reddit user BMGabe caught the above footage of producers and security removing the fans from their original seats. After being escorted out by security, the fans were allowed to return, as he explains:

I have a short video showing them return but i’ll explain what happened after in case anyone thinks they were planted for The Rock.

So basically they let them come back which got a massive pop. Though of course they didn’t want them on screen to not distract as they were. Cept when the crowd was bored they chanted the Savage (as we saw during the Miz match).

The Seats they were put were was the Flo Rida set up was for him and his crew. Once that segment happened those seats were empty for the rest of the night. Now when The Rock came out and the Savage chants started again, The guy actually told the crowd to stop (seemed like he was scared of being kicked out). Then hid his head down under the guard rail. As he looked up is when Rocky saw him then went off script. Was a great moment.

Oops. Good job, Dwayne.

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