The Rock Sends Bobby Moynihan Off ‘SNL’ With Some More Very Personal WWE Smack Talk

05.21.17 11 months ago 2 Comments

One of The Rock’s more recent memorable sketches made a return on the season finale of SNL, also acting as the first of many sendoffs for Bobby Moynihan on tonight’s show. Koko Watch Out and Trashyard Mutt are still at it two years later, feuding ahead of Wrestlemania and still sharing their darkest secrets with each other. The only problem is that some of those secrets become fodder for the promo they are trying to film ahead of their big matchup.

I’m taken out of the situation immediately by seeing these two wrestlers talking with each other and being friendly. Have they never heard of kayfabe over at SNL? Maybe at least film these separately or have them take separate cars and elevators from the arena. Jim Cornette would be furious, which is either a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.

You have to feel bad for the Mutt here. He got hit with some pretty lofty information while trying to be professional and it threw him off his game. 364 days out of the year he’s all good, but put him next to Koko and it’s a life crisis. It’s going to be trouble if he brings that stuff up when they hit the ring. Worst case scenario, Mutt ends up meeting his real son or something mid-match, screwing the entire thing up.

(Via SNL)

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