The Rock Makes A ‘Tonight Show’ Staffer’s Christmas Bright With A Special Military Homecoming

Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Spike TV special Rock The Troops, premieres on Tuesday, but he used his appearance on Friday’s Tonight Show to give a slight taste on what to expect. Together with Jimmy Fallon, The Rock wanted to surprise someone with a reunion with a loved one who has been away serving in the military. It’s something we’ve seen plenty of times in the past during sporting events and viral videos, but usually not during a late night talk show. And usually not with people who work at said late night talk show.

The Rock leads Fallon up through the audience in search of their special target, leading them backstage to the broadcast area. That’s where we meet a clearly surprised Karina, an Army vet herself who has been separated from her husband and Air Force sergeant for a year and a half. That is until Todd shows up on The Tonight Show and surprises her with an early return. Pretty cool, especially for the holidays, but it’s not the only thing The Rock showed off during his appearance.

It would be very embarrassing to get beat up by Pikachu, but this one could likely do it. The Rock dressed like his daughter’s favorite Pokemon character after her first visit to Santa Claus ended in disaster. I don’t know what it is about the fat guy in his red suit, but kids can’t help but cry. It must be shocking or something. I know I hated Santa Claus as a kid too, but I can’t explain why.

The really odd part here is how the conversation moves from military surprises and The Rock’s daughter to Nordstrom’s leather clad rock and People’s sexiest man alive. It’s a mixed bag of topics that would very weird to confuse, though it’d be fine if the surprise reunion happened while wearing the Pikachu costume. Disrespectful, sure, but it would be fine television.

(Via The Tonight Show)