The Rock Reacts To Seth Rogen Wearing His Leather Fanny Pack And Turtleneck Look

There are a lot of pictures of The Rock on the internet, but there are absolutely none funnier than the one of him posing with a turtleneck, leather fanny pack, chain, Rolex, and a tissue under his arm.

If you somehow don’t instantly know which picture I’m talking about, let’s refer back.

Absolutely glorious. The Rock has had a lot of fun with himself becoming a meme on social media, including him celebrating fanny pack cosplayers during Halloween. But no matter where he goes, that iconic photo is always lurking, waiting to be brought up again.

The Rock was recently a guest on The Graham Norton Show, which had some fun bringing back Rocky’s infamous ’90s picture. When Seth Rogen was on the same show months back, he reenacted the look (with some additional padded muscles of course). Norton offered the image to Rocky for some important critiques.

It didn’t stop there though, as there was also some fan-submitted photos of The Rock’s fans cosplaying the photo, including an adorable baby. Even his fellow guests Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum got in on the action. I wonder how hard it was for that intern to find two leather fanny packs in the year 2016.

Being the gracious guy he is, The Rock took it all in stride even explaining the infamous tissue in the photo, saying that he just didn’t want to get his fashionable black turtleneck dirty, which seems totally understandable to me.