The Rock Will Cut Promos On People Who’ve Wronged You If You Call Them During An Interview

The Rock is doing press for Hercules everywhere he can, whether it’s The Tonight Show, Reddit or ESPN.

His latest stop is to talk to the cats at Screen Junkies … specifically one cat whose Rock fandom overpowers any journalistic intent he might’ve walked into the interview with. They’ve run into one another before (back when Rock was promoting Pain & Gain), so their talk quickly devolves into how the Rock’s his best friend and Rock cutting promos on people over the phone.

It’s delightful. Philosophically it’s like the Rock holding the Internet’s hand and helping them through tough issues like bullying and The Friendzone. He’s supposed to be the people’s champion, after all.

If the Rock ever stops by UPROXX to promote, I’m calling dibs on that interview. “Excuse me, Rock, I need you to threaten to turn something sideways and stick it straight up their candy ass. If they mention me talking shit about you, they’re lying, just keep turning and shoving.”