The ‘Total Divas’ Season 3 Trailer Is Here Because Christmas Is Actually In The Fall

The birds are chirping. The sun is out. Children are playing. The sun is 50 shades brighter. All because we’ve been blessed with a trailer for Season 3 of Total Divas because God loves each and every one of you equally.

Now, this is usually Burnsy’s territory, but I’ve been a huge fan of the show because, well, it’s the greatest show on Earth. And you can kiss my ass if you didn’t shed a thug tear at the Naomi/Uso wedding, you heartless jerk. In case you haven’t seen the first two seasons, boy, do you have some catching up to do. You’ve got to see all the totally real fights and drama between these totally real divas.

For Season 3, it looks like we’re getting the Funkadactyl break-up so they’ll make it seem like their in-ring break-up was unscripted and part of the reality show drama. Which, by the way, is my absolute favorite thing the show does. Nothing is better than when they’re all backstage looking at a match and they’re like “that wasn’t supposed to happen” and we’re to believe that Nikki Bella armdragged Eva Marie because Eva stole her ice cream bar backstage and not because they rehearsed it for the three hours it took to explain to Eva what an armdrag is. Then we get some divas fighting in the street and Summer Rae being crazy because *snaps in a circle*

The best though, is Nikki STILL trying to get John Cena’s seed in her belly after he’s constantly told her it’s not happening. You can see his face about to give her some truth that’ll make her cry. She should know she’s not getting pregnant. Cena always kicks out. *rimshot*