The Truth Behind The ‘Hulk Hogan 1985 Wrestlemania Suplex’ Drew Brees Took On Sunday

09.22.14 5 years ago 23 Comments

As a professional wrestling and New Orleans Saints fan living in the Big Easy, its important that I communicate to the future mayor of my city how to properly describe what Captain Munnerlyn of the Minnesota Vikings did to him yesterday. Dear Drew Brees, that was not a “Hulk Hogan 1985 Wrestlemania suplex,” it was specifically a German Suplex. Let’s go to the tape:

At the press conference following the game, Drew Brees admitted that the hit fired up the Saints. It was the turning point in a much needed victory for the previously winless team. But it wasn’t a Hulk Hogan 1985 Wrestlemania suplex. On the WWE Network, there’s only two offerings from the year Drew Brees referenced. Even though the Saints quarterback only referenced Wrestlemania, I also watched The Wrestling Classic just in case. Hulk Hogan spent 13 minutes and 24 seconds of the Wrestlemania I main event in a match notching a total of 0 suplexes. It didn’t happen in 7 minutes of The Wrestling Classic, either.

A more accurate quote, Mr. Brees, would have been “that was a Brock Lesnar 2014 Summerslam German Suplex”. Or if he wanted to stick with the Wrestlemania 1985 reference, he could have said, “when the Vikings player sacked me the way he did, it really turned the game around for us, much like when Cowboy Bob Orton accidentally bonked Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, who had Hulk Hogan in a full nelson, in the head with an arm cast from the top rope.”

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