The Undertaker Is Appearing At A Family Fun Run And Kayfabe Is Officially Dead

Last week, we told you about how WWE legend The Undertaker had become an Instagram superstar, hanging out in shorts and a Rangers cap and enjoying a bunch of downtime with his wife. Today, Taker’s descent into adorable dadhood continues with the announcement that he and his wife will be special celebrity guests at a local Texas family fun run. Because when you think of family fun runs, you think about the Undertaker.

CC4C Micro Marathon 4 Inspiration is a 2.62 mile family fun run around the Hill Country Galleria designed to raise funds to help inspire children suffering from rare and undiagnosed conditions. Our mission is to help reduce time to diagnosis and help these children reach their recovery finish line. Each child has a champion high school team that builds a cheer station along the course providing child-friendly fun activities to inspire the participants and bring joy to the CC4C children.

Some things to look forward to on race day:

Appearances from multiple celebrity athletes including Desiree Ficker, Leo Manzano, Michelle McCool Calaway, Mark Henry and The Undertaker!

I hope he talks to racers about running up that hill.

Mark Henry’s appearance is also notable (especially if you remember him outrunning the Nexus, then immediately being outrun BY them), but he never shot lightning bolts or tried to Satanically marry or embalm anyone on television, so it’s not as weird.

In all seriousness, it’s a fun thing for a good cause, so I’m happy he’s helping out. Also in all seriousness, I will be there to report on every second of it. I want to say I walked 2.62 miles with a man who’s survived multiple instances of being buried alive.