The Undertaker Is Now An Instagram Superstar

We’re living in a strange new world.

As April began, The Undertaker was mythological. Protected. A man who never pulled back the curtain of professional wrestling to reveal the man behind it. In a world of shoot interviews, Con appearances and social media, Taker remained a cold, stalwart legend from wrestling’s glory days. Then, uh, Brock Lesnar F5’d him three times and ended his WrestleMania streak. Now he’s mild-mannered Mark Calaway, Texas girls’ gymnastics dad, Wizard World guest and … Instagram superstar?

Taker’s started popping up on his wife Michelle McCool’s Instagram recently, and it’s the first time the man’s been truly humanized outside of the occasional photo with fans. He looks healthy, happy and exactly like Mike from Breaking Bad. But healthy and happy are probably the important parts.

Take a look at some of the highlights, and figure out how to use them as ammo for your “Taker’s returning to face _____ at WrestleMania” fantasy booking. Also: dude’s got an incredible collection of t-shirts.