The Undertaker Skipped Raw And Spent Monday Night Killing It In The Gym

Another day on the road to WrestleMania, another update on the oldness of The Undertaker.

If you’ve been watching Raw, Bray Wyatt’s promos have gone from cryptic messages that could be challenging Taker to full-on, decorated threats. He’s building coffins, being rolled down to the ring by druids with torches and claiming he’ll take The Undertaker’s soul. The Undertaker himself hasn’t been seen — besides a few unflattering airport photos, at least — but according to his wife, he spent Monday in the gym transforming back into “The Phenom.” He and his marriage are looking healthy.

The new conspiracy theory is that Taker made himself look as old and frail as possible following last year’s WrestleMania and leaked those photos himself so we’d be shocked and impressed when he showed up looking giant and ripped. If the man’s hanging it up any time soon, it’d be nice to see him go out looking like himself.