The Usos Blame Roman Reigns For Fans Turning On Them

To co-opt a piece of slang the youth of today are fond of using, Talking Smack is lit. The WWE Network-exclusive Smackdown Live aftershow has been a perfect mixture of humor, honesty and a little bit of violence these past few weeks, and last night’s episode was no different. Carmella brutally beat down Nikki Bella while she was in the midst of being interviewed by Renee Young and Daniel Bryan; DB was then on the receiving end of an epic verbal beatdown from none other than The Miz; but one part that may go overlooked is the segment with Jimmy and Jey Uso in the middle of the episode.

During the interview, Bryan asks the Usos, “There have been occasions where you guys go out there, you guys are are smiling, and the fans sometimes are not so receptive. Why do you think that is?” Jimmy Uso had no problem giving the real answer:

“Well, I guess we’re guilty by association. It kinda started once we got Roman’s back. ‘He’s with the Usos, oh here we go, high flyin’!’ and now it’s almost a little different now, which we’re trying to get used to. My brother is a firecracker — me, I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, this is cool,’ with a fake smile.”

At this point, Jey Uso chimes in, elaborating:

“It gets me sometimes, because we work hard. I feel like the WWE Universe still respects us, but at the same time, they’ve kind of lost respect for the Usos. They drink a lot of Haterade.”

Given that Roman Reigns stayed on Raw following the brand split, hopefully the Usos will be able to rehab their image with a fresh run on Smackdown.