The With Spandex Halloween Round-Up: Our Favourite Wrestling Fan Costumes Of 2014

Halloween is my favourite time of year. The costumes, the spooky decorations, the ridiculously cheap post-Halloween jewelry sales I use to pad my daily wardrobe for the rest of the year. As much as I love the twinkle lights and cranberry-everything of Christmas, Halloween is my jam.

You’ve already seen Daniel Bryan’s predictably adorable Halloween costume, and the bevy of fans who dressed up as Ridiculous Turtleneck Dwayne Johnson. This year we put a call out to our readers who fought the good fight of patiently explaining their wrestling costumes to everyone they met, and man, you guys did not disappoint.

Did you have a super cool wrestling get-up not seen here? Hit us up in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter and let us see what you were working with this year. Until then, click through to see our favourite wrestling fan costumes of 2014.

Reader Brian Mann dressed up as Surfer Sting. In other news, I might now have a tiny crush on Surfer Sting.

Roddy Piper, Daniel Bryan, Goldust, and Dean Ambrose courtesy of @ScottyTres.

Precious Mancunian Kieran Shiach dressed up as Precious Parts Unknown…ian…UltraMantis Black.

@LadyNearTheLake was kind enough to share her great Sensational Sherri, as well the Macho Man, Sting, and Matt Classic in her entourage.

Martin Tsang brought the Dean Ambrose tong realness.

Wil Jones rocking some Fergal Devitt facepaint.

Lucas Brown’s last minute Daniel Bryan costume that’s actually pretty great.

Mike Kendrick (of Disney Wrestling Princess fame) went all out on this Goldust costume because he’s kind of super awesome?

I did not go all out, however I will probably absolutely 100% dress like Dusty Rhodes again on a regular day. Pizza shirts are timeless, really.

@DalishCassassin is literally the cutest Mankind to ever Mankind.

Tumblr user and new personal hero hatchetface-ladyfingers did this amazing Bull Nakano, and I am making so many heart eyes in her direction it’s not even funny.

nuclearoverreactor dressed their sister up as Ultimate Warrior using shoelaces and old cheerleading pom poms and the result is pretty effing fantastic.

Business Luchadors? Heck yeah, Business Luchadors.

The amazing @indiandeathlock as Shinsuke Nakamura (holy effing jeepers)

Here’s everybody’s new favourite person @robblatt as Macho Horse Randy Savage, because we’re nice people who deserve nice things.

And finally, here’s everybody’s favourite new OTPRobo-Balor and Jason Albert. Not a reader submission, but goddamn how could you ever top that amount of adorableness?

You can’t. You just can’t.