The WWE Photoshopped Cat Heads Onto Its Superstars, But Why Stop There?

07.11.14 4 years ago 23 Comments

As a person who spends the majority of his day on the Internet, I really like things that involve cats. That puts me in the majority, because, LOL, people on the Internet simply love kitty cats and all the zany things that they do. The WWE understands this love affair between us geeks and the feline species, so they recently did the unthinkable and combined our fascination with cats – because we love cats, you see – with our favorite Superstars and Divas, like you can see in the image above and the rest on the WWE’s website. You should check them out if you haven’t already because they are – wait for it, because this joke is going to slaughter you – purr-fect.


Nailed it



But this is 2014, friends, and some of us truly brave souls on the Internet have actually started to like other animals. It’s still way too daring of an idea for some of you simpletons, but it’s the truth. We like dogs and horses and birds and even fish that don’t have sharp, threatening teeth. Also, no jellyfish. Those are f*cking scary. So I was like, what if instead of putting cat heads on the bodies of WWE Superstars, I put WWE Superstars’ heads on the bodies of animals?

It’s revolutionary, I know, but I’m going to wait for the best offer to figure out which museum can have these, starting with David CATistsa.

Batista is a kitty cat


And check out COWberto Del Rio…

Alberto Del Rio cow


Let’s make the Big Show the Big Slow, because he’s a tortoise now.

Big Show is a tortoise


You guys aren’t ready for DOLPHIN Ziggler, LOL!

Dolph Ziggler as a dolphin


Daniel Bryan, of course, has an adorable French bulldog, so here he is as a Frenchie.

Daniel Bryan as a Frenchie


Look, not all of these have a clever point to them. Honestly, I just wanted to see what Chris Jericho would look like as a sea lion.

Chris Jericho as a sea lion


The Undertaker was once known as the American Badass, and I think that bald eagles are the real American badasses, so…

Undertaker is a bald eagle


Sheamus is really, really white, but he’s also very powerful, so he’s like a white tiger.

Sheamus as a tiger


I put Hulk Hogan’s head on a camel, because camels are kind of annoying like him.

Hulk Hogan as a camel


What about a puppy that wears a Kane mask?

Kane is a puppy


And speaking of adorable pooches, here’s a Kofi Kingston water spaniel!

Kofi as a water spaniel


I made Rob Van Dam a sloth because sloths are like nature’s potheads.

Rob Van Dam as a sloth


Oh, and speaking of masks, here’s a red panda wearing a Rey Mysterio, Jr. mask.

rey mysterio as a red panda


Finally, here’s John Cena as a frog, because frogs are stupid and everywhere.

John Cena is a frog


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