An Infamous WCW Legend Is Returning To Pro Wrestling On Super Bowl Weekend


Last week, we shared the news that former UFC and WWE star Ken Shamrock would be returning to the squared circle at the Come Hell Or High Water event near Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend. At the end of that post, I wrote this:

Keep an eye on these shows, and make sure you check them out if you’re in the area that weekend. I am sworn to secrecy about one of the yet-to-be-announced special guests, but I’ll say it’s extremely relevant to the site’s interests and that we’ll be breaking it as soon as humanly possible.

A lot of you thought I was talking about Glacier, and I don’t blame you, even I would’ve thought that. But this is something much rarer. I am now proud to say I lived long enough to break this news: appearing at Come Hell Or High Water on February 1 will be none other than THE YET-TAY. That actual, real WCW Himalayan ice mummy.


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Please see the following banner image, provided to us by McAloon Productions, to know how deadly serious I am. I would not joke about this.

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Before you ask, Ken Shamrock is not wrestling a mummy. Although now I really want to see that.

For anyone unaware (and those who aren’t reading the Best and Worst of Nitro, but still visit this site for some reason), The Yeti — pronounced “y’TAY” by Tony Schiavone — was not actually a yeti or sasquatch; he was a mummy found in a block of ice on the north face of Mt. Everest, unfrozen to help the Dungeon of Doom “destroy Hulkamania” at WCW Halloween Havoc ’95. This was his only appearance as a mummy. He was quickly rebranded as a ninja, despite still being 7-feet tall and called “The Yeti” (now “The Yetti”) causing leading experts who are myself to theorize that someone had mummified and frozen a 7-foot tall ninja in the Himalayas and imbued him with a thirst for hugs.

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I’m not sure Tony Schiavone could’ve foreseen this, but this is truly the greatest moment in the history of our sport. NOTHING STAYS AS COOL AS THE YETI.