There’s Finally A Way To Legally Stream Lucha Underground, And Here’s How

Every week we cover El Rey Network’s ‘Lucha Underground’ — arguably the best weekly wrestling show on television right now — and every week the response is the same. “I don’t get El Rey. How can I watch this? Is it streaming anywhere online?”

Previously our best answer was, “uhhhh legally no but if you went off on your own and found it illegally I wouldn’t narc on you.” Today we found out some good news: you can stream recent episodes of Lucha Underground free and legally on the UniMás TV website. Here’s the catch, though … they’re in Spanish.

On one hand, the shows not being in English could still turn you off, and you could do that “eeeehhh I don’t know” thing you might do with New Japan where you suffer through terrible Raws and hate the commentary but can’t enjoy the best wrestling in the world because you can’t understand the narration. On the other, the Spanish language eversion of Lucha Underground is AWESOME. They actually film many of the backstage segments in Spanish as well as English, so instead of just seeing a bunch of dubs you get these cool, alternate universe takes. Segments involving native English speakers get Spanish subtitles. Plus, no Matt Striker!

So yeah, if you’ve never watched the show, click over and check out an episode. You’ll be happy you did. Worst case scenario, it’s a cheaper and more entertaining version of Rosetta Stone.