This Production Truck Seems To Think The Undertaker Will Compete At WrestleMania 31

There’s not a more reliable source for wrestling news than the side of a WWE production truck.

Back in August, photos of a truck announcing Smackdown’s return to Thursdays made the rounds. Today’s truck image is a WrestleMania 31 advert featuring AJ Lee, Roman Reigns and the giant face of the Undertaker, a man nobody’s quite sure will appear at the event at all. Thanks, Twitter! Every autumn the “will Taker wrestle again?” debate starts up (and we’re already waist-deep in “will he wrestle Sting” rumors), so consider this pic the birds returning to wrestling’s San Juan Capistrano.

Taker showed up at a family fun run over the weekend, and because a charity fun fun is a time for in-depth mark reporting, a WrestleZone reader asked him about Mania. Taker’s response? He’s “certainly not ruled out” wrestling at WrestleMania. So there you have it, folks, the truck never lies.

Make sure you’re back here in six months when a WWE production truck has a big picture of CM Punk pinning Roman Reigns at SummerSlam on the side.