This Week’s WWE Raw Set A New Record For Low Ratings … That’s Bad, Right?

12.09.15 2 years ago 78 Comments
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Here we are, folks. Another week, another record low rating for WWE RAW. The December 7 edition of the show brought in a 2.15 rating, below the November 23 2.16 rating that had everyone panicking. This is now the worst Raw rating since September 1997, an episode I can’t wait for Brandon to review because it’s now one of the most famous RAWs of all-time.

Here are a few things about the ratings: I think following the same ratings formula as decades ago is sort of silly, especially because it doesn’t account for Hulu or social media relevance, but it’s the standard, so it’s what we have to go with. And the number we’re going with sucks. I’m not as smart or experienced as Stone Cold or Mick Foley, so I don’t know the answers to solve the ratings. But I do know that RAW has been a drag to watch for the last few weeks.

The only answer right now is more of this:

new day bad day

Seriously, WWE is in a recession and New Day is Obama dragging them out one segment at a time. Of course, Sasha is Michelle, but that’s neither here nor there. The point I’m saying is this: RAW ratings are booty. That was clear, right?

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