WWE’s Titus O’Neil Now Has His Own ‘Titus Brand’ Popcorn

We love Titus O’Neil here at With Spandex. That’s hardly a secret. He’s one of the nicest guys in the entire business, and one of the absolute most dedicated to using his stardom to make a difference in the world. He’s joined a campaign against sexual assault, spent his off days feeding the homeless, and has of course been the Mega Dad of the Year.

Even though he’s mostly used in WWE these days to tout his laughably vague “Titus Brand” and be a mentor (?) to Apollo Crews, the guy busts his ass all the time outside of the ring, and even gave a TED Talk at UCLA last weekend.

Basically, the Titus Brand is very real, and Titus himself is the Titus Brand. To that end, said Titus Brand has a brand-new venture: popcorn!

Yes, Titus has teamed up with Florida’s Chef Inspired Popcorn Company to create a “Titus Brand” flavor of popcorn, where all proceeds from sales of said popcorn will go to benefit charity. Naturally. Because Titus O’Neil. Sadly, the Titus Brand flavor is not yet available on the Chef Inspired website, so it may only be available at the South Tampa storefront. So go buy some popcorn, jerks!

Also sadly, there are no details about what the Titus Brand flavor actually tastes like, but I’m guessing it tastes like love, and hugs, and perseverance, with an URAH URAH URAH finish. MAKE IT A WIN FOR YOUR MOUTH.